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The Skyhoppers Podcast

Jun 23, 2017

Welcome listeners! Get ready to settle in and PICK A SIDE for this episode, because Ben and Ash move to explain their feelings on something that's been rather contentious on this podcast: the concept of "gray Jedi." You might be afraid that this episode is just an hour of vitriolic yelling, but our hosts did their best to make sure that didn't happen. It only makes sense that some emotion would leak into the discussion, but the idea is to keep it as academic as possible.

If you think we're being total idiots, make sure to let us know! This is a topic that's open to debate, and we'd like to hear the other side of the argument.

This is a really good post that explains the problem with the "Gray Jedi" philosophy better than this episode ever could:

Link to the IGN "article" :

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