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The Skyhoppers Podcast

Jan 14, 2022

Aside from an obvious bantha in the room, Episode 3: THE STREETS OF MOS ESPA was good!! Rancors! Danny Trejo! Hutts! Pykes! X-Men?? Okay, not really. But still!

Eva's article about Toem:

Jan 7, 2022

Jesus CHRIST this show is so so so good. But you didn't need me to tell you that. This week we're talking about Episode 2 of The Book of Boba Fett: TRIBES OF TATOOINE!!! This week also features the best laughing fit that we've had on the show in a long time. Maybe ever.

Dec 31, 2021

From the depths of the Great Pit of Carkoon, Boba Fett lives! We finally have the first episode of THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT. And it was great. So so so great. It goes without saying, but spoilers ahead!

Dec 24, 2021

Since Eva and Dakota are out this week, Ben and Cole decided to just record Obroa-Skai Walkers and pass it off as a Skyhoppers episode! They go through 2021 and rank each of the books they read this year against the others. But even if you don't follow that podcast, they spend some time talking about Book of Boba Fett...

Dec 17, 2021

Listeners, I'm sorry, but we watched the Star Wars Holiday Special again. Maybe put this commentary track on while you enjoy the 1978 Holiday Special with your loved ones this year.

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