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The Skyhoppers Podcast

Dec 30, 2016

The Star Wars family has lost a very important member recently. Carrie Fisher was an amazing person that meant so much to so many people, and we here at the Skyhoppers Podcast had a lot that we needed to talk about. This episode gets kind of heavy at times, but we hope we shared enough funny stories and memories of...

Dec 23, 2016


Back to our regularly scheduled programming! This week, Ben and Ash talk about the mid-season finale of Rebels, "Visions and Voices," as well as give some thoughts on Maul and Kenobi theories (Maul is Snoke?) And, as you might have expected because you're not an idiot, they talk more about Rogue...

Dec 21, 2016



Welcome to a special release of the Skyhoppers Podcast! We here at the SP just couldn't hold our tongues about Rogue One any longer, so here's over an hour of discussion and gushing! (Don't worry, a normal episode will be out as normal.)

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Dec 16, 2016

Well, listeners... it's finally here. This is our commentary on that legendary lost piece of Star Wars history... the Holiday Special. And let it be known that it truly is a piece of garbage. George Lucas has every reason to wish that it didn't exist. Getting through it was a SLOG. But in all seriousness, we brought on...

Dec 9, 2016

Our biweekly Rebels review for "The Wynkahthu Job" and "An Inside Man" has arrived! And this time Thrawn is more than just a menacing presence, giving our hosts something to talk about! Granted, there are a few detours in the conversation, but not much happened in "The Wynkahthu Job," so it was allowed.

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