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The Skyhoppers Podcast

Sep 29, 2017

This episode is probably long overdue. As our close-out to Rebels Month, the Skyhoppers are talking about everyone's favorite Togruta: Ahsoka Tano! This is also the first character episode that isn't about a movie character, and we're not sure if there is a character more deserving of that honor.

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Sep 28, 2017

To close out Rebels Month, the book discussion for September is all about A New Dawn! We hope you've done your homework, because this book is REALLY good.

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Sep 22, 2017

This week, the Skyhoppers continue with the theme of Rebels month and discuss the impact of the two major animated series in the current Star Wars canon, The Clone Wars and Rebels. Ben talks about Onderon and Ash talks about Ahsoka. Pretty standard Skyhoppers fare, really!

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Sep 15, 2017

So. Uh. Ben and Ash had a topic for Rebels month this week, but then they started talking about comics. And that went on for a while. Then they started talking about JJ Abrams coming back for Episode IX. And that went on for a while. So they ran out of time. But that's okay! This is episode is classic Skyhoppers: two...

Sep 8, 2017

This week, Ben and Ash are joined by Ash's sister Maggie! You may remember her from the episode where we did a commentary for the Holiday Special (if you deigned to even listen to it). Ostensibly, this episode is about looking back at the first two seasons of Rebels, but the hosts spend a lot of time discussing the big...