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The Skyhoppers Podcast

Dec 16, 2016

Well, listeners... it's finally here. This is our commentary on that legendary lost piece of Star Wars history... the Holiday Special. And let it be known that it truly is a piece of garbage. George Lucas has every reason to wish that it didn't exist. Getting through it was a SLOG. But in all seriousness, we brought on two guests, Ben's friend Asher and Ash's sister Maggie, and having them on the show for this very special occasion was wonderful, and we can't thank them enough. Many laughs were had while recording, and hopefully many laughs will by had by you while listening and watching along, listeners. Plus, that animated short with Boba Fett wasn't too bad, even if the faces of some of the characters were mildly terrifying. Enjoy, friends.

(For some reason, the end got cut off? But we certainly weren't about to watch the whole thing again.)

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