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The Skyhoppers Podcast

Dec 23, 2020

Thanks for joining us for the super special crossover holiday special. Happy Life Day to you and yours!

Fair warning: this one is not safe for work and (most) younger ears.

Rogue Podron: Meg, Heath, Saf, Ash, Danny
The Skyhoppers: Ben, Dakota, Eva, Cole

The Night Before Life Day
Written by Ash
Performed by the full cast

Host Intros
Written by Meg

What is your favorite Star Wars gift? 
What are your December Star Wars movie premiere memories?
Featuring the whole cast

Well, This is Awkward
Written by Saf
Featuring Dakota, Saf, Ash, and Ben

What Child Is This?
Written and performed by Ash

Life Day Traditions part 1
Featuring Meg, Heath, and Cole
Piano accompaniment by Danny

Once Upon a Life Day
Written and performed by Dakota

Good King Grakchawwaa
Written by Heath
Performed by Meg and Danny

Life Day Traditions part 2
Featuring Ben, Dakota, and Danny
Piano accompaniment by Danny

Time For Some Ocean Metaphors
Written by Saf
Featuring Meg, Danny, Heath, and Saf

Oh Little Town of Niima
Written and performed by Heath

Life Day Traditions part 3
Featuring Eva, Ash, and Saf
Piano accompaniment by Danny

The One Below
Written by Saf
Featuring Meg and Danny

Dark Empire Carol
Written by Ben
Performed by Ben and Cole

No I'm Not Married
Written by Saf
Featuring Meg, Cole, Dakota, Eva, and Ben

New Year's Toasts
Featuring the whole cast

Thank you to Danny for writing all of these show notes/credits so that I didn't have to. Happy Life Day <3